Affiliate Terms and Conditions


By submitting application to Nut of the Month Club®, hereinafter NOTMC, and being accepted as an Affiliate by NOTMC, Affiliate agrees to be bound by the following terms and conditions:
If accepted into the program, NOTMC will supply Affiliate with a unique identifier (AFID) which must be used according to instructions given by NOTMC when placing orders with NOTMC. For orders placed containing Affiliate's AFID, NOTMC will pay Affiliate a referral fee equal to 15% of the gross sales price, excluding shipping and handling charges, taxes and other non-sale related fees, for all valid orders received while Affiliate is still an active affiliate of NOTMC and the funds for the order have been received by NOTMC. Referral fees paid on orders that get cancelled will be charged back to the Affiliate. No referral fees will be paid on personal orders. All communications with Affiliate will be done through email. To be eligible for referral fees, Affiliate must maintain with NOTMC a current email address and a valid mailing address to receive referral fee checks. Generally, referral fees are paid within 90 days of the initial shipping date of the order. All customers referred by Affiliate remain the customer of NOTMC. This program can be terminated without notice by NOTMC. Active Affiliate status can be terminated by NOTMC at any time for any reason, including lack of order activity. Referral fees will be paid on all valid orders submitted before date of termination. These terms and conditions can be modified by NOTMC at any time without notice. It is the responsibility of Affiliate to review this web page from time to time to determine the current terms and conditions.